Welcome to the support page for Smart Player and associated tools. Here, you’ll find comprehensive resources to assist you with installation, configuration, and usage.

Software Downloads

Smart Player

Access the latest version of SmartPlayer for seamless playback and control of your surveillance footage. Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, SmartPlayer ensures compatibility with your preferred operating system.

Smart PSS Lite

Simplify surveillance management with Smart PSS Lite, offering essential features in a lightweight package. Download the Lite version for efficient monitoring and control of your security system.

Configuration Tool

Configure your surveillance devices effortlessly with our Configuration Tool. This tool streamlines the setup process, allowing you to customize settings and optimize performance according to your specific requirements.

Online Tools

DSS Selection Tool

Make informed decisions about your surveillance infrastructure with the DSS Selection Tool. This tool assists in selecting the appropriate Digital Surveillance System (DSS) based on factors such as camera count, storage capacity, and desired features.

Capacity Calculator

Plan your surveillance storage requirements accurately using our Capacity Calculator. Input parameters such as camera resolution, frame rate, retention period, and desired redundancy to determine the optimal storage capacity for your system.

User Manuals

Access comprehensive user manuals and guides for Smart Player, Smart PSS Lite, and associated tools. These manuals provide detailed instructions on installation, configuration, and usage, empowering you to leverage the full capabilities of our software suite.

Troubleshooting Guides

Troubleshoot common issues and resolve technical challenges with our troubleshooting guides. Whether you encounter playback errors, connectivity issues, or configuration problems, our guides offer step-by-step solutions to help you overcome obstacles effectively.


Browse frequently asked questions to find quick answers and solutions to common inquiries about our software and tools. Our FAQs cover topics ranging from installation and compatibility to advanced features and customization options.

Customer Support

For personalized assistance and technical support, reach out to our dedicated customer support team. Contact us via email, phone, or live chat to receive prompt assistance and expert guidance tailored to your specific needs.